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Advanced Oncology, P.C. is a primary care and hematology-oncology practice located in Chinatown, Manhattan and Brooklyn. Founded in 1991, Advanced Oncology has been a leading provider for holistic primary care and early to advanced stage cancer treatment. We strongly believe that exceptional, comprehensive medical care begins with a patient-physician relationship based on trust, understanding, and compassion. A lifelong commitment to our patient’s health means providing the medical guidance and treatment they need, and all at a central hub, offering comfort, convenience, and ultimately higher quality medical care.

Advanced Oncology works closely with the nation’s top leading health and cancer research centers. Our physicians have held long-standing affiliations with Mount Sinai Beth Israel, New York Methodist Hospital, and New York-Presbyterian Hospital. We strive to ensure that our patients have access to the newest treatment techniques with state-of-the-art therapies and technology.

Collaboration has been essential in learning and contributing medical knowledge to the global community while expanding the practice’s reach to underserved patient communities. Over the years, Advanced Oncology has worked with the American Cancer Society as well as the U.S. Cancer Pain Society, receiving a number of research grants to improve pain and symptom management, social well-being, and community among Chinese American Cancer patients.

Our medical providers are fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English and accept a number of health insurances including Medicare, Medicaid, Oxford, Blue Cross, HIP, and more. Whether you are looking for medical guidance or assistance from one of our primary care physicians or in need of treatment after a cancer diagnosis, Advanced Oncology is here to provide you with the best quality and personalized care.



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  • One of the biggest challenges when it comes to searching for a doctor, especially an area that requires specialization, is determining whether or not they’re knowledgeable and if they’ve had the experience to accompany that knowledge. While it is logical to think that the two are linked, I’ve dealt with medical personnel that has had the academic prerequisite but lacked the experience from my personal ordeals. When I first consulted Dr. Lam, he addressed all my concerning issues as well as came up with realistic goals that were attainable given his past experience with my specific condition. Another note to be pointed out is that while his clinic may seem populated upon the initial visit, his staff of nurses and assistants were professional and punctual in getting you situated so that you may focus on your consultation and as you will experience, the eventual transition of your primary care doctor.
    J. Huang Patient
  • I've had the pleasure to retain Dr. Lam as my primary physician through a referral. Given my past experience with physicians whose practice resembles more of an assembly line than an actual clinic, I was skeptical at first. This skepticism was relieved upon my first visit. Dr. Lam was extremely personable and his curiosity into my health through inquiries demonstrated to me his genuine interest in his patients. His forward-thinking suggestions has made me re-evaluate my lifestyle and habits.
    J. Zhou Patient
  • Wonderful doctor that is willing to go above and beyond for his patient. His staff were professional and pleasant to work with. This is my first time to Dr Lam's office and he has been patient, helpful and thorough in his explanation. When I forgot to look up my pharmacy before coming into the office (when I should’ve), he was looking up and figuring out my pharmacy together with me. He was also willing to stay on the phone with me to ensure I receive my medication while the pharmacy is trying to figure out if they received my prescription as there were some hiccups earlier (but resolved ultimately). If you are looking for a doctor who really cares for his patient, look no further. Excellent polite and respectful manners and great patient experience provided by Dr Lam Kin and his team.
    M. H. Ruan Patient
  • Dr. Kin Y. Lam has been my primary care physician for more than 15 years now. Dr. Lam and his associates have always provided the care, the treatment that I and my family could have hoped for in a medical professional team.
    S. Eng Patient
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